Event Info

Hello Friends, Supporters and Sponsors of the Celebrate Silas Memorial 5k,

After great deliberation, I have decided to take a break from hosting this event. Celebrate Silas started with me training up for a big run (12 miles!) and a small group of friends coming together to celebrate his birthday.
The event has grown beyond my imaginings with t-shirts and art installations and hundreds of people coming together to remember their loved ones and to support each other.  I cherish each aspect of the event and feel that it is an important event for the grieving community.  However, it has outgrown our grassroots, volunteer abilities and it is time to take a break.
I truly want to thank you for going on this adventure with me.   Thank you for honoring your loved ones in this way, sharing their stories with me, showing up for your grieving friends and supporting the grieving community with your financial support of the Dougy Center.
With great appreciation,
Jodie Brauer


Mural made for Celebrate Silas Mural Project.